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Natural room climate regulation

Summer is coming to an end and the colder season is drawing near. You can find energy saving tips for fall and winter here!


The term sustainability is currently on everyone's lips and is often used very carelessly. Although sustainable action certainly requires more than just beautiful-sounding words.Read more!

Celebrating the Imperfect – the True Value of Your Carpet

Japanese philosophy has inspired a new living trend: Wabi-sabi interior design turns seeming “flaws” into valuable features.About the concept!

Looking for a cozy rug that won’t trigger any allergies?

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Cleaning viscose rugs: tips & tricks

Special materials require special treatment: before cleaning a viscose rug, you should first read through our recommendations. Full checklist here!

High-Quality Carpet Care

Got a unique, handmade rug at home? Then you probably want to keep it “as good as new” for years to come. Read now!

Moths in the carpet? How to keep them away

Here are the most effective tips and tricks to protect your favorite carpet against moths – without using dangerous chemicals. Read more!

How to Choose the Right Carpet

Looking for a handmade rug that fits your interior and lifestyle? We’ve got a checklist with everything you should consider.Get started now.