The term sustainability is currently on everyone's lips and is often used very carelessly. Although sustainable action certainly requires more than just beautiful-sounding words. The issue is highly complex and of crucial importance for a worthwhile future on a healthy planet. Since – if we act sustainably, this has a positive effect on the economy, people and nature in both the short and long term. 

As a family-owned company, rooted in the textile industry since 1750, we believe we have a responsibility towards future generations to make a positive contribution. In this article you will learn how sustainability is implemented at Paulig, what we are planning and why not only our sustainable carpets made of virgin wool play an important role in the process.

1. Natural materials
2. High quality standards of our raw materials
3. Individual craftsmanship
4. Market-oriented production = short delivery distances
5. Own manufacturing with transparent supply chains
6. Resource-saving production


Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts and deeply rooted in the DNA of our company. We are not only concerned with the production of beautiful carpets, but also with the considerate use of natural resources. Our concept not only includes the ecological and economic aspects, but social aspects as well. As a manufactory with its own value and supply chain from sheep to finished carpet, every step in our production is transparent and traceable. That is why we have always made sure that people and the environment are equally protected in the fabrication of our products. Safe working conditions, respectful interaction at eye level and fair wages form a long-term basis for this.

"Be kind to Earth." (Dalai Lama)



The production is environmentally friendly and begins with wool washing with pure water and chemical-free soap. For dyeing we use ecologically safe quality products from Switzerland. Our moth protection is also certified according to "Öko-Tex Standard 100" and is characterized by high environmental compatibility. The meticulous quality selection of the raw materials as well as the loving processing result in a sustainable and fairly produced product that you can put in your own home with a clear conscience.

A further aspect of sustainability is the durability of our carpets. Not only are they extremely durable, but also can be used on both sides. This doubles their lifespan and our customers enjoy them for a long time.

With the articles Salsa Atoll, Salsa Bali and Salsa Tonga we already have fully compostable handloom carpets in our range. In the traditional weaving technique used here, basket weave, both warp and weft are made of 100% New Zealand virgin wool. 

Sustainability in the company - we are proud of it!

Paulig's sustainable approach encompasses all areas of the company and has left its mark - marks which we are proud of! Transparency is required in order to produce the best quality at the highest ecological level. To ensure this, we have created a closed value chain, which means that the entire manufacturing process - from the first to the last step - is in our hands. We know every production step, every ingredient and can therefore continuously improve processes and products and make them more sustainable.

Thanks to the demand-oriented production of our individually manufactured carpets, we not only produce unique pieces instead of mass products, but also prevent the unnecessary waste of precious resources. To shorten delivery distances, we are expanding our production network worldwide. With our new production facility in Guatemala, we can supply the South & North American market and Australia while reducing our CO² emissions. From our existing production sites in Morocco and Hungary, we supply the European market, which is close by. When it comes to suppliers, we also use regional companies with short delivery distances whenever possible.
A further important milestone is the digital transformation, which we are currently in the middle of. Among other things, our new ERP system supports us in optimizing our global logistics, thereby integrating resource-saving processes, and in digitizing as many processes as possible. This allows us not only to increase efficiency and minimize resource consumption, but also to significantly reduce our paper consumption and thus actively contribute to the protection of forests. In addition, intelligent production planning enables us to make extremely effective, economical and profitable use of raw materials and supplies.

To equally protect people and nature, Paulig is a member of STEP Fairtrade Carpets – an international organization dedicated to the sustainable production of handmade carpets. In addition to fair trade, STEP also fights for better living and working conditions on a global level. STEP’s key goals include:

  • Fair wages
  • The prevention of child labor
  • Independent production controls
  • Environmentally friendly production methods

At our headquarters in Schwarzach am Main, we are also working to steadily reduce our carbon footprint and use resources responsibly. We have converted the lighting to economical LEDs and equipped the vehicle fleet with electric cars. We purchase regional water in glass bottles and offer our employees a quiet oasis to breathe in with our densely planted ZEN garden. 



What we still want to achieve - that's what drives us!

It is important for us to develop continuously! Even though we have already achieved quite a few goals, there are still points that we would like to improve.

Packaging: We currently have several pilot projects underway to make our products and our world a little better. These projects include, for example, the development of sustainable packaging methods. What is certain is that in future we would like to work without plastic wherever possible and therefore replace our film packaging with cardboard boxes. However, to ensure at the same time that the carpets arrive at your home undamaged, there are many aspects to consider.

Certificates: We have also been actively involved with various sustainability certifications for some time now, in order to make our ambitions even more transparent to the outside world. However, since we are not interested in greenwashing nor want to use this as a pure marketing measure, the label selection takes time. It is important for us to find a provider whose values we share and requirements we honestly meet.

Upcycling: We already use yarn scraps from productions within our innovation hub to develop new products or versatile DIY's from doorstops to Easter decorations and lampshades. In the future, we also want to market them via our social media and thus give them a second life.

Product development: Our design team has been working for some time now on the further development of warp threads, which are currently made of extremely tear-resistant and durable synthetic hemp. To ensure the same durability with natural materials, trials are currently underway with jute and cotton, which could further improve our handloom carpets in the long term.

„Be the change you want to see in the world“ (Mahatma Gandhi)

You can find out more about sustainability at Paulig via our social media channels and from our partners.Transparency is important to us, so we look forward to receiving your questions by email to