This guideline sums up perfectly how we think, feel, and act as a company. Contentment and fairness go hand in hand with teamwork and team spirit. Respecting and appreciating each other are a matter of course. 


At PAULIG, you will always find open doors and ears – no matter in which department. Straightforward, open-minded, fast, reliable: This is our standard. Overall, the work ethic of PAULIG benefits ourselves as much as our customers.

Anyone who enters our building in Schwarzach will feel right at home: Far-Eastern architecture, characterized by modern and airy elements, provides enough room to draw new strength and creativity. 


Japanese Inspiration

The bright atmosphere, reminiscent of Japanese aesthetics, has a truly inspiring effect with its integrated plant life. This sense of inspiration is well-reflected in the diversity and beauty of our products. 

At the center of our 2,800 m² premises, you can find the atrium garden: A calm oasis with a babbling waterfall, a place to talk or stay silent – whatever feels good at the moment. 


Our Values

In order to protect people and nature equally, we at PAULIG advocate sustainable production methods, fair wages and better working conditions. When it comes to quality standards, too, we ensure that non-toxic materials and products are used in production.



Whether design, sales, consulting or production - with us everyone pulls together. For a successful and close cooperation, communication, appreciation and mutual respect are paramount. This is how PAULIG has been able to act quickly and reliably in a closed value chain since 1750.



Our History

In 1750, the master cloth maker Johann Christian Paulig laid the foundation stone for today's company in the Brandenburg town of Sommerfeld. In 1835 his son Benjamin (photo) was already working in the weaving mill with the first steam engine in the textile industry in continental Europe. The family has remained loyal to the textile industry from generation to generation. Today the company is based in Schwarzach am Main and the company is already in the 9th generation.