Whether old or young, experienced or young professionals: in - the PAULIG team is colorful, diverse and is made up of employees from all generations. Origin, religion or lifestyle do not play a role. At PAULIG, we focus on the essentials: making our customers happy while taking sustainable production and fair working conditions into account. To achieve this, everyone in our team works closely together.


Our Designers

What constitutes the work of a carpet designer? The interplay of idea, material, color, technique, and usage must be in perfect sync to develop an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality rug. Naturally, creativity comes first – but it always goes along with optimal production processes and economic conditions, as well as a keen eye for the current zeitgeist. To that end, we have been relying on the support of an experienced design team for many years.



Senior Management

Thomas Paulig has been managing director of the company that his father previously ran since 1995. In 2018, daughter Theresa Paulig followed in her father's footsteps and has been a shareholder and executive partner since 2021.

The father-daughter duo represents the perfect combination of tradition and innovative thinking: While Theresa provides a breath of fresh air and new ideas, Thomas, with his many years of experience, offers a solid basis in the management. In this way, the family company can continue the successful history of PAULIG with impartial and future-oriented strategies.